At the University of Chicago, faculty are our most valuable asset. Discover more about the benefits and community resources we offer.

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Thrive at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago produces ideas that matter—and enrich human life around the world. In our academic programs, including an undergraduate College, four graduate divisions, and six professional schools, cross-disciplinary collaboration and rigorous debate of ideas propel our faculty, while a full assortment of benefits and resources supports them. Our belief in free and open inquiry has created a unique intellectual environment that faculty say allows them to do their best and most innovative work.

Innovations in Education & Research

Given exceptional independence and time for research, and challenged to respond to the great problems of their day, faculty at the University of Chicago have been making significant contributions to knowledge and to higher education since the University’s founding in 1892.

Amid social unrest at the turn of the century, University faculty established the first comprehensive school of social work and the first independent department of sociology. Challenged in time of war, UChicago was the site of the first controlled nuclear reaction and today is the only university that manages two national laboratories, Argonne and FermiLab. At a time when public schools were seen to be failing, the University created an Urban Education Institute to become a national leader in school research and established a Charter School with four campuses to prepare urban children for successful college careers.

This continues to be a community of creative, demanding, inspired scholars who engage one another in collaboration and debate as they enrich human life through their work.

Enriched by an Urban Backdrop

The intellectual life of the University is embedded in Chicago, one the most vibrant, diverse, and beautiful cities in the U.S. The campus itself is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, next to Lake Michigan.

A community rich in schools, bookstores, churches, iconic architecture, and ethnic restaurants as well as varied housing and playgrounds, Hyde Park is a superb neighborhood for families. Nearby entertainment comes in many forms including world-class theater, museums and galleries, and musical performances. As part of the city of Chicago, Hyde Park offers its residents easy access a rich cultural life of theater, dance, opera, film, art, music, sports, and food across the city.

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